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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 1

The Music Ball:

A package parachutes into Gumby’s ranch. The only writing on it are the words “Top Secret”. “Let’s open it!” It turns out to be a golden ball that randomly freaks out whenever Gumby and friends play music. They decide to use the strange object to get on Johnny Carson and MTV, after lunch, of course. Wouldn’t you know it, the Blockheads steal it while they’re eating, and they have a downright unnessecary chase scene to recover it. The short ends with Gumby’s strange, phantasmagoric concert.


Pokey’s unsure about a visit to Professor Kapp’s lab, but eventually gives into his peers. They all go to the lab where the Professor unveils his shrinking machine. As everyone but Pokey patiently wait in the machine’s area of influence, Pokey accidentally turns the machine on, shrinking everyone to the size of an ant. When enough time has been killed by unimportant events, Pokey unshrinks everyone and vows never to eat candy again.

Hatching Out:

The first half of this cartoon features Gumby being stalked and horribly devoured by a Tyrannosaurus, both in the Toy Store and on his ranch. A second later, everyone else arrives to find the dinosaur napping in the hay. Fortunately, Denali scares it off with a few ice cubes, but it left behind an egg. Prickle decides to dump it in a passing garbage truck. It hatches moments later, with Gumby inside. Turns out the whole thing was a dream brought on by too many nature documentaries about the mating habits of dinosaurs before bedtime.

Episode Title: The Music Ball / Shrink-a-Dink / Hatching Out

Air Date: 1988-01-02