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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 11

The Search:

Gumby has to discover what the Golden Rule is for a school project. Following any random lead that comes along, he decides to begin his search by entering a book about the Golden Fleece. Jason comes along, and Prickle helps him steal the Golden Fleece by distracting the dragon with some idle conversation. He does learn one interesting thing along the way: the location of an oracle that they can consult. After speaking with the oracle, Gumby comes away convinced that the Golden Rule has something to do with the Declaration of Independence. Mr. Teacher applauds Gumby’s thorough researching skills, and Gumby turns pink for no reason.

Educational TV:

It’s the c sibling dispute. Gumby has his pals over and he wants to watch the World Series, but Minga’s hogging the TV. When Mom breaks it up and gives Gumby the remote, Minga decides to jump into the TV and stand in the way of the picture. In a reversal of “Minga Sitting”, Gumby decides to have his revenge by flipping channels, putting Minga on a pirate ship. Gumby and friends bask in sadistic glee as Minga is forced to scrub the deck and wash the dishes. Things quickly get out of hand when the pirate captain intends to sell Minga into slavery, which is obviously worse than being treated like a slave, like she is now. Gumby goes in and saves his little sister, and everyone swears never to watch baseball again.

Band Contest:

Gumby and The Gumbys enter a band contest. You know what that means: extended musical sequences. Gumby’s band goes up against the Blockheads’ band, The Block Rockers. The Block Rockers sabotage The Gumbys’ instruments and win the contest. Gumby later tells us that the Blockheads were disqualified for cheating and that the Gumbys won. Well, at least there wasn’t a pointless chase sequence in this one.

Episode Title: The Search / Educational TV / Band Contest

Air Date: 1988-03-12