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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 12

The Big Squirt:

Professor Kapp wants Gumby to test yet another of his experiments. In this case, it’s a fluid that makes plants come to life. Prickle takes it back to Gumby’s ranch, but not before pretending he’s Super Dude and squirting several toy monsters. Hilarity ensues as the monsters come to life and try to kill him, but he makes it to Gumby’s book in one piece. Unfortunately, it gets mixed up with some cleaning fluid, and Goo and Pokey use it to wash the car and tractor. More hilarity ensues as they come to life and it turns out that the tractor doesn’t like the car very much. Their rampage about the ranch isn’t stopped until the fluid is washed off. And, uh, I guess the toy monsters go on to crush the lives of hundreds of innocents.

Little Lost Girl:

Our story opens as Minga falls hundreds of feet into a deep, deep hole. (She’s fine.) Meanwhile, mother begins to worry about her lost daughter and sends Gumby out to find her. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell anyone where she was going. Gumby and Prickle jump to some very fortunate conclusions and go looking for her in a book about caverns. (Good thing she had a poster of a cavern in her room instead of one of her favorite band.) Absolutely nothing interesting happens as Gumby spends the last three minutes of the cartoon bringing Minga up out of the hole. Gumbo then decides that Gumby will work for the fire department, whether he likes it or not.

Command Performance:

Gumby and friends have been ordered to perform for King Ott on pain of death. Professor Kapp is also invited. On the way to Ott’s castle, everyone is stopped by the Black Knight, who plans to hold them ransom, as knights in black armor tend to do. For some reason, he agrees to release them if Gumby can beat him in a duel, just like any thick-headed villain would if he had his enemies right where he wanted them. Fortunately, Professor Kapp remembered to bring the deus ex machina, his Shrink-A-Dink. They shrink the knight small enough so as to be defenseless and continue to Ott’s castle. The knight is forced to swear fealty to Ott if he wants to unshrink him.

Episode Title: The Big Squirt / Little Lost Girl / Command Performance

Air Date: 1988-03-19