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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 13

Witch Way:

This adventure begins, like so many before it, with Minga going down a slide and vanishing into thin air. Prickle and Gumby decide to look for her in the sci-fi thriller Star Witch. After defeating hordes of ghouls and a pumpkin door with his simple fire extinguisher, Gumby makes his way to the auditorium where a generic witch is delighting hundreds of children with her silly shtick. It turns out that everything we know about witches is wrong and that they’re merry jokesters, not evil brides of Satan. Everyone has a good laugh at Gumby’s expense, and Minga promises to tell Gumby before getting lost in another reality.

Children for Sale

One of the problems with reading a book about the Children’s Crusade in Gumbyland is that some of the imprisoned children will inevitably escape from the book and ask you to save them from the slave dealers who tricked them into thinking they’d be taken to the Holy Land. Gumby finds himself in this situation and, being the guy he is, simply can’t refuse. So, with a little help from a bolt cutter and his ice-spitting mammoth, he enters the book and drives off the ships’ crew, who jump overboard at the first sign of danger. Next week: Gumby Vs. The Third Reich.

Sleepytime Robbers:

For the first time ever, the Blockheads have a brilliant plan! They’ve stolen some sleeping potion from King Ott’s sorcerer and taken it to a sleepy old-West book. They use it to systematically neutralize the transportation system (since it consists mostly of horses), secure themselves a getaway train, and, once everything is in place, to put the local bankers to sleep and make off with the bags marked with the dollar signs. Once they know what’s going on, it takes all of five seconds for Goo to wrap herself around them and for Gumby to recover the loot.

Episode Title: Witch Way / Children for Sale / Sleepytime Robbers

Air Date: 1988-03-26