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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 15

The Wind Bag:

The miserly super villain Ebenezer Scrooge is back to wreak havoc on Gumbyland! He’s stolen a magical bag of wind from King Ott’s wizard, and he’s using it to blow all the toys in Toyland away to another plane of existence, I guess. Then, he will rid the world of toys, and have his revenge. Cad Waliter tells Gumby about the theft, and it’s up to Gumby to stand around and wait for the wind to stop so he can apprehend the blithering old idiot. The cartoon ends with Scrooge playing with a train.

Lotta Hot Air:

Gumby got himself a hot air balloon! For the first three hours of the cartoon, Gumby laboriously unrolls it, fills it, checks everything, and then we’re all ready to go! Gumby, Pokey, and Prickle go for a joy ride which quickly turns ugly when they run out of propane and land in the middle of nowhere. Before they have time to resort to cannibalism, a sasquatch runs at them, obviously with evil intentions. Prickle suddenly remembers that he’s a dragon or a dinosaur or something or other and uses his fiery breath to warm up the balloon and carry them to safety.

Wild Horse:

It’s a bedtime story for Minga! Once upon a time, Gumby and his family lived in Arizona, only Gumby’s name was Tom and Minga’s name was Sally and everything you ever knew or loved was no more. Everyone on the same page? Good. So, Tom’s family made a living breeding and training quarter horses. One day, they “found” a wild quarter horse and Tom tried riding it without employing any particular taming methods. Everyone in the family is shocked that the wild horse isn’t instantly comfortable carting people around and decide to throw him away. Of course, Sally knows far more than anyone else in her family about how to train horses, and one day she prompts the horse to talk to her and give her a ride. It sprouts wings and flies her around.

Episode Title: The Wind Bag / Lotta Hot Air / Wild Horse

Air Date: 1988-04-09