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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 17


It’s Denali’s birthday, and Gumby and Pokey get some balloons for the party. Besides your standard helium balloons, they decide to pick up some magic, self-inflating animal balloons. When Denali sees the amazing balloons, he yawns and falls over. Oh, then the Blockheads show up and start popping balloons, prompting Prickle to declare that it’s up to them to put a stop to those hooligans. Alas, there isn’t enough time to show their capture, so we cut immediately to the Blockheads, who have been bundled together in a net tied to a giant helium balloon, and Gumby and friends let them drift away into the sky to their inevitable death.


Gumby, friends, and family all go on a picnic one lovely day. When ants start crawling all over the chocolate cake, Gumby decides to shrink himself down and reason with them. Unfortunately, the queen doesn’t like green, and refuses to talk to him. Luckily for Gumby, the anthill is attacked at that moment by the Block-ants. Gumby horribly crushes the invaders and threatens further violence toward them if they don’t leave the non-block ants alone. The queen decides that she likes green after all, and Gumby gives her a piece of cake.


Hope you’re hungry, ’cause I got a big plate of stream of consciousness for you. We begin with Gumby’s battle with a vending machine that won’t give him his soda. After it sprouts a face and spits soda on him, Gumby sticks his hand up the slot where the sodas come out, only to get sucked in. Fortunately, Minga comes along to let him out. Gumby walks down the block to the local old west town to rip off a high noon gunfight scene from some popular western movie. Three hours later, Gumby gets a hankering for some ice cream, so he tosses a nickel into a wishing well. He’s rewarded with a microscope. Looking in, he sees some microbes visiting an ice cream stand. When one of the microbes appears next to him (as tall as he is) and offers him an ice cream cone, he drops another nickel in the well, this time producing a pad of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. He draws the microbe and erases it, causing the microbe to be annihilated in real life. Then he draws himself some ice cream. Then, Gumby finds a nice quiet spot to sit and read his dictionary, when suddenly, a red dot comes along and zips around by him. He accidentally smashes it into tiny multi-colored dots, then mashes them together into a green dot. The dot turns into another Gumby with red eyes, which turns out to be the Blockheads (with cylindrical heads instead of cubes), who laugh at Gumby a bit, turn themselves into red dots, and zip away. Gumby turns himself into a green dot and follows.

Episode Title: Balloonacy / Picnic / Gumbastic

Air Date: 1988-04-23