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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 19

Wild Train Ride:

Minga, Prickle, and Granny are going on a train ride today. Unfortunately, the Blockheads think it’d be fun to lock the engineers in the men’s room and send the train on a wild joy ride. Since the trains in Gumbyland bring their tracks with them wherever they go, the train can go crashing through houses and down streets, bringing chaos and destruction everywhere it goes. Naturally, Granny loves it. Things take an ugly turn when the train enters a book about the Rocky Mountains and gets on a track leading straight to a giant fall, but fortunately, Gumby has learned of the runaway train and he helicopters the engineers into the train to stop it.

Arctic Antics:

Goo and her news crew (Gumby, Pokey, and Prickle) take a helicopter ride to Alaska to do a ground-breaking story which will prove once and for all that Alaska exists. Unfortunately, Prickle didn’t bring any gas, and they crash land on an igloo, much to the dissatisfaction of the walrus and the puffin that lived in it. Gumby and friends are forced to rebuild the igloo. Fortunately, they’re shown fixing the igloo live on the news. Gumbo and Kapp see what’s happening and decide to drive to Alaska to give them a hand. They tell Gumby and friends that walruses and puffins don’t even live in igloos. The arctic animals admit that it was an abandoned igloo that they’d stolen and that they had no right to boss their guests around, and they all settle their differences over a huge bowl of Chocolate Clam-Dandy until a polar bear comes along to chase them away.

Runaway Camel:

A lost camel-rider named Muhammad wanders into Gumby’s farm one day. Camel and rider alike get a big helping of Gumby hospitality, and in return, Gumby gets a magic carpet and Minga gets a ride on the camel. Unfortunately, the camel is spooked when Denali shows up, and it runs away with Minga. Gumby, friends, and Muhammad pursue them on the magic carpet. They all meet up at a desert oasis.

Episode Title: Wild Train Ride / Arctic Antics / Runaway Camel

Air Date: 1988-05-07