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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 20

The Abominable Doughman:

Minga’s making bread. She leaves the dough in the oven to rise a bit and falls asleep watching a show about the abominable snowman. This leads, inevitably, to a horrible nightmare that the dough rose out of control and turned into a giant human-like monster. It proceeds to grab her and run amok in the city. Gumbo tries to rescue her by blasting the monster with the monitor on his fire truck, but runs out of water. Then Denali shoots it with ice, causing it to melt into a puddle. Minga wakes up and swears never to make bread ever again, unless Denali’s around.

The Astrobots:

The USA’s national heroes are disappearing from their books. Sounds like a case for the Gumby detective agency! During a stake out in Toyland, they spot the Blockheads capturing George Washington and selling him to the Astrobots, who seem to have taken up president-collecting. The Blockheads are let off surprisingly easily, making a slick getaway while Gumby and friends focus on investigating the Astrobots’ ship and rescuing their captives with their mighty fire extinguishers.

Blocks in the Head:

Gumby stays up all night studying cubism, leading to a nightmare that everyone in his class has cubic heads and that cubic heads rise out of the checkerboard and that his friends on the farm have cubic heads. The funny thing is, they really don’t have cubic heads in Gumby’s dream, but he thinks they do. Confused yet? So Gumby goes to see a shrink, who prescribes some medication. It doesn’t help. Gumby wakes up and discovers that everything is still right with the world.

Episode Title: The Abominable Doughman / The Astrobots / Blocks in the Head

Air Date: 1988-05-14