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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 23

Minga’s Folly:

Prickle stops over to take Minga shopping for a pet bird to make up for the fact that she can’t have a pet horse. She falls instantly in love with the most annoying parrot to ever be animated, which is, fortunately enough, $2000 out of their budget. Luckily for her, ostriches are much cheaper than parrots, so Minga gets to go home with a bird she can ride. Unfortunately, it gets spooked and runs off with her. Gumby to the rescue! They run a merry chase through beautiful Ohio before Gumby realizes that it would be a lot quicker and more effective to just let Goo fly over and spit clay at the ostrich and blind it. They end up, miraculously, at Gumby’s house and scare Gumba.

High as a Kite:

Gumby and Prickle enter a kite stunt contest in hopes of winning a free trip to Omaha, Nebraska. Their stunt: launching a hen (Chilly) from their kite. Of course, the Blockheads have entered the contest too and, of course, their rocket stunt doesn’t work and, of course, they try to sabotage Gumby’s kite with a boomerang. As Gumby’s kite goes flying out of control, Goo zips up and flies it herself. Gumby gets first prize and gives it to Goo so she can fulfill her lifelong dream of visiting Omaha, Nebraska.

Proxy Gumby:

This cautionary tale begins when Gumby’s new computer arrives, equipped with the latest in electronic cloning. Gumby makes a clone of himself to perform his menial daily routine so that he can sit at home eating donuts and watching game shows all day. Unfortunately, his clone comes equipped with self-preservation routines that make it smash the Blockheads into jelly and destroy his farm. Gumby’s friends realize that something’s wrong with “Gumby” and follow him home. Without the restrictions of responsibility and polite society, Gumby has become a fat slob who shuts himself out from all human contact and spends all his time with his computer. (I wonder who that reminds me of.) Luckily, it’s all a bad dream, and Gumby wakes up to find that his new computer really has arrived. Learning nothing from his dream, he leaps happily out of bed, presumably to fulfill his horrible nightmare.

Episode Title: Minga's Folly / High as a Kite / Proxy Gumby

Air Date: 1988-06-04