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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 25

Little Denali Lost:

It’s The Denali Blues meets High as a Kite when Denali gets himself shrunk and goes on a binge of carnival rides, train rides, and other things us tiny people take for granted. His final wish: to ride Gumby’s kite. Unfortunately, Prickle loses control of the kite, and Denali flies off through the city, freaking out the chairman of some company and nearly falling prey to the tigers in the zoo. We’re out of time, so now we cut quickly to Denali getting bigger again.

Clay Play:

Gumby steps into a modern dance book and joins Prickle in some modern dance, which involves Gumby turning into a ball and Prickle turning into a weird robot and spraying Gumby with water. They return to normal and leave the book (Prickle turns back into a robot briefly) and go about their business. Gumby puts on some music and rocks out for a while until Prickle comes along and changes the station. They fight over the radio for a bit, which ends with Gumby getting flung into the desert, where he melts and seeps into the ground, only to reform in an underground cave. He meets a giant, scary monster and, just as he’s about to meet his certain doom, the scene freezes. The camera pulls back a bit to show that the Blockheads were animating the cartoon. As they argue about just how gruesome Gumby’s end should be, Gumby himself arrives and chases them off. Then he pulls out some models of the Blockheads and, with a sinister look, turns back to continue the cartoon.

Gone Clayzy:

Gumby climbs to the top of a huge tower of toys, much to Prickle’s amazement. Unfortunately, he immediately falls off and lands on his head, flattening his head bump. A little grunting and it pops back up, only to detach itself from Gumby and become a sentient being. As Gumby passes out, Prickle attempts to recapture it. Unfortunately, it has retained Gumby’s morphing ability and chases Prickle around, turning into various implements of destruction. Prickle leads it to the top of the tower and trick it into jumping off, back onto Gumby’s head. Everything is right again.

Episode Title: Little Denali Lost / Clay Play / Gone Clayzy

Air Date: 1988-06-18