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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 26

The Knight Mare:

We begin the story with Don Quixote’s infamous battle with the windmill, which has the unfortunate result of sending the Don out of his book and into Toyland where (surprise surprise) he decides that all of the toys are evil monsters which must be destroyed. (And he’s not even a religious zealot.) The Blockheads notice the erratic knight and decide to send him to Gumby’s farm, hoping he’ll cause some delightful havoc. He mistakes Denali’s house for a castle and Denali for a horrible monster. Fortunately, the man of La Mancha is easily overwhelmed by ice cubes, and Denali deposits him before Gumby to do with him what he will. Gumby tells the insane man that his wizard (Professor Kapp) will give him magical powers to fight evil (use some sort of device to end his insanity). And so, another classic story completely ruined by Gumby’s well-meaningfulness.

Lost in Chinatown:

Minga and Granny are shopping in Chinatown. While Granny is occupied, Minga decides to don a replica of a royal robe and do a little time traveling through a tapestry. She’s instantly recognized as the Emperor’s daughter and treated to food, baths, and slaves who stand on their head. Meanwhile, Granny finally realizes that she’s lost Minga and phones Gumby and Prickle to her rescue. They decide to check the tapestry for Minga, and are instantly captured by the guards and thrown in a cage. Minga starts thinking about going home when she hears that her brother and his friend are going to lose their heads, but she waits until the Emperor’s real daughter returns before she makes any decisive action. The three of them return to present day, and Granny decides not to buy the $1000 robe for Minga.

Joker’s Wild:

One day, the Joker found out that he couldn’t make the King and Queen of Diamonds laugh anymore, now that they’ve heard all of his jokes. (Did I mention this is in a deck of cards?) So, he tries to make the King and Queen of Clubs laugh, but they’ve heard all of his jokes too, so he’s banished from the deck. He ends up at Gumby’s place, where he tells his tale of woe. To help the unhappy card, Gumby takes him to a Vaudeville show and teaches him the universal language of slapstick. The Joker performs a lame lasso bit for King Ott, who laughs a whole lot! This piques the King of Clubs’ interest, so he wanders out of the deck to see the Joker hit himself in the face with a pie. And the King of Clubs laughs a lot! And King Ott and Cadwaliter laugh a lot! And Gumby and friends laugh a lot! And the Joker looks really spooky with the pie cream on his face, and he laughs a lot, but in a horribly creepy way! Five hours later, the cartoon ends.

Episode Title: The Knight Mare / Lost in Chinatown / Joker's Wild

Air Date: 1988-06-25