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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 27


Gumby receives a call from a chatty aunt. He doesn’t want to talk to her, so he puts a fast-talking toy box in front of the phone and runs away.

Gumball Gumby:

Gumby finds a gumball machine. However, he doesn’t have any money, so he decides to just reach in and steal one. Unfortunately, the vengeful machine sucks him in and traps him with the gum. So, he turns himself into many little gumballs and waits to escape. Pokey comes along, deposits a penny, and gets a green gumball, which he immediately eats. It’s followed by a dozen more green balls, which merge themselves into Gumby, only without the head bump. Pokey spits his gumball out onto Gumby’s head, and Gumby pulls out some gumballs he stole.

Pokey � la Mode:

Pokey is sleeping next to some baking cookies, prompting a dream that he visits a cookie factory. After eating the chocolate chips off the door, he goes inside and rides a conveyor belt that promises to go to the “tasting room”. Unfortunately, the tasting room is home to a giant mouth, which nearly devours him. Not learning from experience, he takes another conveyor to the ice cream room, where he’s buried in strawberry ice cream. He wakes up and eats some cookies and ice cream.

Episode Title: My-O-Maya / Gumball Gumby / Pokey � la Mode

Air Date: 1988-07-02