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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 3

Lost Treasure:

This harrowing tale of mystery and adventure begins in an antique shop, where Gumby and friends find a chest labeled “200 year old pirate chest”. The shop owner claims that it’s an ancient family heirloom that his great-great-grandfather passed down for generations, yet he’s willing to give it up for $5.75. Rather than wonder how authentic a $5.75 treasure chest can be, Gumby and friends buy it, take it home, and crack her open. Inside are some jumping beans, which they have to waste some time waking up. They follow the beans to a tree, dig, and unearth a chest with more jumping beans.

The Beetle and the Caterpillar:

The Blockheads sell their forest land to developers who are itching to make a freeway, and it just puts Gumby in a bad mood, what with how the freeway will ruin his farm’s ecology. Meanwhile, Pokey is eating a carrot, inspiring a local beetle to instantly grow to fifty times its normal size for five seconds. Disregarding the dangers involved with giant insects, Gumby decides to use the bug’s strange properties to scare off the driver of the Caterpillar tractor that’s clearing the forest. When another driver comes by, Gumby uses his own size-altering powers to scare him away, leaving us to wonder why he needed the stupid bug in the first place.

A Smashing Hit:

Prickle’s only played the clarinet for one day, but that’s no reason why he can’t perform with the band at the cherry festival. By a stroke of luck, he happens upon the pitch that shatters every glass object in the city, and he, along with Gumby and other friends, run away before he can be prosecuted. They all duck into the book called “The Glass Menagerie and Dr. Jekyll”. They find a glass museum, run by a mad scientist old movie Dracula, who lets them visit for free. Unfortunately, that’s only because he plans on turning them into glass sculptures. He traps everyone under giant wine glasses, except Prickle, who finds his clarinet and shatters the glass again, freeing them. The moral: clarinets have as much potential for good as they do for evil, and must not fall into the wrong hands.

Episode Title: Lost Treasure / The Beetle and the Caterpillar / A Smashing Hit

Air Date: 1988-01-16