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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 30

Skateboard Ralley:

Gumby and band are performing a concert at a skateboard rally, but first, Gumby needs to pick up his new skateboard and stop for a protein shake. Because this cartoon is in desperate, desperate need of a conflict, the Blockheads run up and steal the board from his car. There’s a predictable chase which doesn’t involve Gumby getting smashed by a book about George Washington but does involve the Blockheads going over a waterfall, followed by Gumby breaking the world’s record for skating through some Hot Wheels track course, they play some music, and six minutes of my life is wasted.

Goo’s Music Video:

Goo’s having problems writing the script for the band’s new music video, until she’s inspired by a dream involving geysers and bears and caves. Cut ahead to them watching their video. It starts with everyone tuning their instruments, then playing for a bit before turning into slabs of clay and forming a rainbow that creates four geysers which spew tiny Gumbys, Pokeys, Prickles, and Goo’s into the sky. Several of the tiny characters turn themselves into a giant multi-colored monster head, which chases the real figures into a weird sort of hallucinatory world, which eventually becomes a cave. Goo flies them away from danger, only to be pursued by a giant bat. She spits clay at it, making it crash into a checkerboard and morph itself into Gumby’s farm, where the cartoon ends.

Best in the Block:

Gumby’s aunt, Gumbetta, along with her husband and children, are visiting Gumby. It seems that Gumby’s uncle got a new job nearby, and they’re house-hunting in Gumby’s neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Blockheads have a real estate monopoly, and they won’t sell a house for less that half a million. Gumby decides to get out his Groobee and start cranking out houses for cheap, much to the Blockheads’ dismay. To retaliate, they spray the sawdust that the Groobee feeds on with pesticide (illegal ones, no doubt) that make the Groobee drunk, evidenced by the strange buildings he makes. Of course, they’re caught, and the sawdust is replaced, and Gumby makes a killing selling houses for as much as $9000 with practically no initial investment.

Episode Title: Skateboard Ralley / Goo's Music Video / Best in the Block

Air Date: 1988-07-23