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Gumby Adventures Season 1 Episode 33

Clayfully Yours:

The story opens on a river, where Prickle and his sweetheart are picnicking and those surly Blockheads are baiting the crocodiles. The Blockheads annoy the amorous dinosaurs for a bit until a croc pops up and kicks them around a little. Prickle defeats the crocodile, much to the delight of his lady love. Meanwhile, in another reality, Gumby is babysitting for two twin babies, one in each arm. And they won’t stop crying. So, what does our hero do? He juggles them one-handed. As he juggles the babies, he pulls various things out of his pocket with his free hand, including a hot dog, a bottle of pop, and a tiny Blockhead. When his hard day of babysitting is over, he decides to watch some TV, but changes his mind when he sees what’s on. Unfortunately, TV will not tolerate being turned off, and he engages in a remote control duel with his set, turning each other into ever more bizarre things. Finally, Gumbo comes in, extends his neck into outer space, and inspires a truce between the combatants.

Gumby Music Video:

Yes, it’s a Gumby music video. It starts innocently enough. The band’s playing, Minga’s dancing, but all too soon, we’re riding around in pumpkins and on trains, and Gumby’s molding himself around and tap-dancing and impersonating Michael Jackson, and everyone’s in Tom Servo’s head. There’s a bit of barnstorming, Gumby parachutes into a rabbit hole and turns into a rabbit, then everyone becomes chess pieces, and there’s some weird spirally effects, and the ride’s over.

Time Out:

An unbelievably creepy jester pops out of Father Time’s cuckoo clock and engages us with a silly poem while he strikes the hour in order to bring us up to speed. Basically, Father Time ate too much last night, so now he’s having nightmares, and we all have to pay for it, since his tormented mind is making time go ker-flooey. You’ve got cars turning into dinosaurs, babies becoming old men, human sacrifice, cats living with dogs, mass hysteria! Worst of all, Gumby’s alarm clock won’t stop ringing. After it tells him that it can’t stop and he tries smothering it with a pillow, he decides to visit Professor Kapp. Fortunately, Kapp has a giant grandfather clock that serves as a portal to Father Time’s castle, so soon, they’re making their way to Time’s bedroom. His nightmares have become more violent, and he’s spewing glitter that turns Gumby old as he crosses the room. Fortunately, the alarm clock wakes Time up, and everything goes back to normal, until Time sneezes, hurtling us all back about a thousand years.

Episode Title: Clayfully Yours / Gumby Music Video / Time Out

Air Date: 1988-08-13